We share
our strengths.

Seasoned Investment Team. World Class Management Consulting Firm. Point B Values.

Point B Capital is a team of investors with a blend of investing, entrepreneurial,
operating, capital markets, and consulting backgrounds.  We’ve raised and invested
VC funds. We’ve built and sold our own companies. We’ve led and operated established companies.  We understand how to advise in a way that demonstrates true partnership.  We employ practical wisdom in the belief that IQ should always be paired with EQ.

Point B Capital is a subsidiary of Point B Inc., the sole Limited Partner of the current fund (Fund 1) established in 2010.  We are an evergreen fund, and future funds may include outside investors.

Honesty and integrity are the foundations of our work.  We strive to add value as an investor, preferring to engage on Boards where we can help the management team, though we act with our company and shareholders' interests above all others. We strive to advise without meddling, while acknowledging that hard conversations are sometimes necessary. We admire the vision and unrelenting dedication of entrepreneurs; we exist to improve the odds that each of them is successful.  We have fun while working towards excellence in our craft. Ultimately, we enjoy sharing and celebrating the success of our portfolio companies.

Adding Expertise, Network, and Horsepower of Point B Consulting.

Our founders helped launch and build Point B Consulting from its inception in 1995 (http://www.pointb.com). Our close partnership with this world-class firm provides access to the deep expertise of over 700 associates, spanning 25 industries and over 300 clients. This relationship offers Point B Capital unique opportunities for deal sourcing, due diligence, accelerated portfolio company growth, and strategic exits.


Point B Consulting hires associates from a diverse range of industry backgrounds, averaging 17 years of experience.  Point B Consulting's core offering, Project Leadership Services, spans a wide range of projects and roles, such as implementing enterprise software, restructuring organizational incentives, or developing a customer-facing mobile application.

Investment Benefits of Consulting Expertise:

  • Deal Flow – We monitor emerging market and customer trends from front-line insights of Consulting associates and leaders
  • Due Diligence – We leverage Consulting's knowledge-sharing infrastructure to access experts who address blind spots or augment investment diligence
  • Accelerating Company Growth – On-demand expertise from Consulting helps us guide entrepreneurs' strategies as portfolio companies address challenges


Point B served over 200 clients in 2012, mostly mid and large-size enterprises, and over 300 clients since Point B Consulting’s inception.  Point B associates' integrity and work ethic have earned clients' trust, building strong client relationships that extend well past current clients. Point B will not “sell out” these relationships for our benefit, focusing instead on brokering strategic relationships between portfolio companies and Consulting clients to create value.

Investment Benefits of Consulting Networks:

  • Deal Flow – Each associate is motivated to share start-up opportunities resulting from client work or former colleagues, thus these sources add to our rich deal flow
  • Due Diligence – Through previous work and relationships with company founders, associates provide important insights to help us assess those founders and broaden our access to industry trends as well as potential exit opportunities
  • Accelerating Company Growth – Consulting's network dramatically expands our reach to potential investment partners and customers for our portfolio companies


Access to Consulting gives Point B Capital the opportunity to sponsor time as part of our investment, to lend an associate who is currently between client engagements an opportunity to help a portfolio company, or to engage in fee-based consulting engagements.

Investment Benefits of Consulting Horsepower:

  • Due Diligence – We are able to draw upon the expertise and resources of our Consulting practice to move more quickly through investment diligence
  • Accelerating Company Growth – On-demand horsepower from Consulting gives flexibility to early-stage companies since their need for specialized personnel fluctuates while their employment budget is limited