Lainey manages the Executive VC and Innovations Briefings for Point B customers...

As the Leader of Point B’s Executive Venture Capital (VC) and Innovation Briefing Program, Lainey brings years of experience working with C-Suite leaders to develop and curate the VC Briefing agenda in partnership with our portfolio companies, the VC network, and startup ecosystems across the US.

Lainey has more than 20 years of management consulting experience in healthcare, retail, banking and the public sector.  Lainey has deep experience in strategy development, business development, business process improvement, system implementation and program leadership.  Since joining Point B in 2000, Lainey has led transformational programs for Point B customers, supported large healthcare accounts, and conducted Lean training workshops as a Service Delivery Manager in Point B's Operations and Process Improvement practice.  Lainey plays a leading role in developing and delivering Point B's Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) training workshops for Point B's employees and clients, and has written articles on the subject.

Lainey started her career at Seattle Children’s Hospital, where she developed a passion for innovation and organizational transformation while working on a hospital reengineering initiative. From there, she moved on to a boutique healthcare consulting company and eventually to Point B.

Lainey received her Bachelor of Arts from the University of California Berkeley and a Master of Public Administration (Healthcare Policy) from the University of Washington. In her spare time, Lainey enjoys traveling, reading and water sports.