Dennin combines his expertise in finance and business strategy with a deep appreciation of the role that culture plays in a company's success.

In addition to serving as Investment Advisor to Point B Capital, Dennin Brasch serves on Point B’s Board of Directors with the firm's founders. He is a trusted resource at Point B and was instrumental in the company's transition to employee ownership through an ESOP in 2009. Since he joined Point B, Dennin has helped solve increasingly complex business and technical problems for clients in a variety of industries, including healthcare, construction, technology, data management and telecommunications. In his role as Point B's director of Finance and Administration, Dennin focused on helping the firm gain efficiencies across markets, projects and operational areas.

He also has complementary work experience in the areas of international transportation and trade, teaching and research, and financial risk management. His experiences range from options trading on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange to business positions in Japan and Sweden.

Prior to joining Point B, Dennin worked on a variety of projects at Accenture. He holds a BS in International Development from Cornell University, Magna Cum Laude, and an MA in Economics from Washington State University. He enjoys working on old pickup trucks, fishing, and watching his children play sports.